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Our cattery aims to promote the best (in our opinion) breed of cats in the world.

Our love for Thai cats began many years ago with the arrival of our house cat Sara. She was not a breeding cat, we did not know her origin, but her appearance and character indicated “Thai” roots. Sara was with us for 17 years.
After she passed away, we decided that there would always be cats like her in our house. The name of the cattery proves her constant presence in our lives.
Our cats live next to us, as household members.

We want the kittens from our cattery to be healthy, well-groomed, “truly Thai” (with a documented 5-generation origin) and perfectly used to living in a human herd.
It is important for us that our cats in new homes are treated like family members. We are lucky, all our kittens’ owners are wonderful people with a heart for animals. We try to stay in touch with everyone, help, advise and seek solutions to possible problems together.

Thai cat breeding Smart Sara*PL is registered with the Polish Feline Association (PZF), which is a member of the World Cat Federation (WCF).

We have Kittens!

Thai kittens in our Smart Sara*PL cattery

* 12 March 2021 *


On Women’s Day Chanel and Maris became the parents of Litter “O”. Two females and two males were born. The colors are still a mystery. Babies sleep, eat and grow under the loving care of their mother.


* 31 October 2020 *

Litter N is born

On October 22, N-kittens were born.These are the children of Jolie and Martis, one female and one male. The kittens were born large, weighing over 100 grams each. For now, they are only sleeping, eating and growing. They doubled their weight in a week. The little ones don’t have names yet. It is certain that they will start with the letter N. The male cat is pre-booked, female are not available for booking yet, they are in breeding observation.