Purchase of a kitten

Read Before You Buy!

Our Thai kittens stay with us from birth. They are surrounded by loving care, not only of their mothers. We try to provide them with constant contact with people and a lot of fun so that they are prepared for life in a new family. They leave the cattery at the age of 14-15 weeks, after vaccinations and neutering. All kittens have an identification microchip and are registered in the international Safe Animal database. They leave with the pedigree issued by the Polish Feline Association, a book of medical records, and a layette. It contains the food they have eaten so far, the litter sand we use, toys, and a blanket smelling of mother and siblings for easier acclimatization in the new home.

We require future owners to decide to buy a cat responsibly, knowing that it is a decision that will last a lifetime. It is crucial to provide your cat with safe living conditions (protection of windows and balconies at home), adequate nutrition, veterinary care, daily play and, above all, lots of love. We stay in touch with all owners of our cats. We advise and help to solve eventual problems. We are grateful for sending news about our pets in their new homes.

We sign a sales contract with the new owners when they pick up the kitten. When booking a kitten, we collect an advance payment and send the buyer confirmation of booking a specific kitten, which includes all relevant information about the kitten and the terms of the contract. Kittens are picked up at the cattery. We always kindly ask the guardians to reserve time for an interview and get to know the kitten before leaving for their new home. In some cases, we can bring the kitten to the caregiver’s house.